Communicative English


  • To enable learners of Engineering and Technology develop their basic communications skills in English.
  • To emphasize specially the development of speaking skills amongst learners of Engineering and Technology.
  • To ensure that learners use the electronic media such as internet and supplement the learning materials used in the classroom.
  • To inculcate the habit of reading and writing leading to effective and efficient communication.0

What Will I Learn?

  • Speak clearly, confidently, comprehensibly, and communicate with one or many listeners using appropriate communicative strategies.
  • Write cohesively and coherently and flawlessly avoiding grammatical errors, using a wide vocabulary range, organizing their ideas logically on a topic.
  • Read different genres of texts adopting various reading strategies.
  • Listen/view and comprehend different spoken discourses/excerpts in different accents

Topics for this course

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Communicative English

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Material Includes

  • NP. Sudharshana , C. Savitha ENGLISH FOR TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION. Cambridge University Press: 2016.


  • B.E/Diploma Students Can Pursue this Course

Target Audience

  • All Engineering Students Can Participate