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What is Engineering

  • what is engineering ?

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D-Academe Approved by AICTE

The All India Council For Technical Education Act 1987

The AICTE Act was constituted to provide for the establishment of an All India Council for Technical Education with a view to proper planning and co-ordinated development of a technical education system throughout the country, the promotion of qualitative improvements of such education in relation to planned quantitative growth, and regulation & proper maintenance of norms and standards in the technical education system and for the matters connected therewith.

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Why D-Academe

Adaptive Practice

Dacademe analyses your strengths and weaknesses and then suggests questions. With DAcademe, you will practice questions that are right for your learning needs. You will be able to learn better when your practice is made perfectly for you.

Choose from a set of easy, medium, or difficult questions based on your understanding of a topic. DAcademe has chapter-wise question sets based on difficulty, for every stage of your preparation.

Customise your crash course at the click of a button. Instead of flipping through multiple reference books for questions of your choice, start practising the way you want on DAcademe

Practice smart questions personalised for you. The right questions asked at the right time help you achieve your unique learning goals. They ensure that you master all concepts with adaptive practice. With DAcademe, you don’t have to worry about your practice anymore.

Mock Tests Every Semester

Be exam-ready with AICTE test series and previous year question papers. In the days before your exam, take AICTE test series to know where you stand at the national level. Develop exam strategies and learn time management by solving previous years’ question papers.

Want to practice a particular chapter and see how many questions can you solve in a set amount of time? You can create your own mock test in under a minute, and work towards improving your weaknesses and using your strengths.

Know how many questions have you attempted, your accuracy, and the average time that you take to answer a question with detailed reports. These help you track your performance in tests and highlight the areas to work on and learn better.

Solve previous year papers, attempt AICTE level mock tests, or create one on your own and challenge your friends. Mock tests on DAcademe  are created to help you create exam strategies and polish your weak subjects. Find out how well prepared you are by taking as many mock tests as you can, all in one place.

Live Doubts

Don’t be afraid of your classmates laughing at you or a teacher asking you to just ask your doubt later. Pick up your phone and chat with experts to get any and all doubts solved, even if it’s the middle of the night.

None of your doubts will go unanswered, even if they are extremely difficult. We will instantly reply and resolve your doubts. Don’t worry, we are ready to help until you’ve completely understood them.

To ensure that every solution is correct, we choose only the best teachers to help you. They come from the best colleges and are well trained to solve any doubt you have.

Doubts are good, it means you are learning something new. And doubts can turn up anytime. With DAcademe , your learning never stops because of a doubt. Simply upload a picture, or type it into the app. Our expert tutors will solve it instantly, 24×7, and help you until you completely understand it, no matter how difficult it may be!

Live Classes

Learn concepts and get tips from the best teachers with Live Classes. Learn better as they explain complex topics, share tips and tricks and conduct paper analysis.

Cover your syllabus from the comfort of your own home, with scheduled live classes. Get to know the topic being taught, the teacher, the date and time well in advance and easily include live classes in your study timetable.

Get real-time updates before a class begins! Simply turn on your notifications to receive updates of upcoming classes.

Learn from India’s best teachers from the comfort of your own home. Watch them break concepts down to their simplest explanations in every live class. Grasp concepts easily, as teachers clear doubts asked by other students during the class or you can ask your own doubts on live chat. Gear up for your exams with expert tips and tricks or watch them solve previous year papers of all boards and exams.

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